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Topic: Emergence of the 'Me' Enterprise - A Blueprint for Leadership in the 21st Century

Speaker: Ashok Shah is a former President of Alcatel-Lucent’s Global Professional Services organization. He spends his time serving as an advisor or as a member of the Board of Directors for a collection of public and private businesses and universities. He is the Founder and President of CEPS Consulting LLC (Warren, NJ). He is Co-author (with Ross Kelly) of the book, “Emergence of the ‘Me’ Enterprise.” Abstract below.

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Abstract: (from the Barnes & Noble blurb for the book, “Emergence of the ‘Me’ Enterprise.”)

About the Book - As new and disruptive technologies continue to transform the workplace, both employers and employees struggle to keep pace. The business practices of even five years ago are being revamped by new technologies, new applications, new devices, and new modes of connectivity and analytics, leaving many corporations out of touch, out of date and in some cases, out of business. As corporations scramble to keep pace, by way of downsizings, mergers, acquisitions, outsourcing, re-organizations and re-structuring, employees have been left to their own devices to find their niche in a new, increasingly competitive, digitized workplace.

Am I at risk? - How much of your conversations with friends, colleagues and bosses involve talk of mergers, acquisitions, downsizings, re-organizations, outsourcing, or other types of corporate re-structuring? How much of your thought process is consumed by the possibilities that, despite your performance, your job could go away? Today's workforce faces unprecedented employment risks... not because of performance issues, or due to a sinking economy, but because of the rapid introduction of new technologies and new levels of competition.

Am I prepared? - Do I have the skills to compete in an economy and work environment that is in a state of constant change? Would I be competitive in the open job market? I was clearly marketable three years ago; but what about today? Have things changed right before my eyes without me noticing it, leaving me ill prepared for what may come next with my company? Do I have the connections to help me make a change if that were necessary? What would happen if I lost my job tomorrow?

"The Emergence of the 'Me'"Me" Enterprise" provides a historical and analytical view of how digitization has disrupted the workplace, and outlines a set of practices and values, described as the '"Me Enterprise Blueprint,'", which serves as a recipe for surviving and thriving in this '"you are on your own'" environment.

Upcoming Dinner Meetings at the Pfizer Building:
• Simulation Sciences - A Technology Update (Tuesday, Jan. 22nd)
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Date: Tuesday, January 22nd at the Pfizer Building

Topic: Simulation Sciences - A Technology Update

Speaker: Wendy Young is a Business Development Manager at Chemstations, Inc. She provides process simulation solutions through the CHEMCAD suite of products. Previous experience includes: seven years of process engineering experience in various chemical, pharmaceutical, and refining processes, plus seven years of technical service/sales in process, water, & wastewater treatment.


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