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Congratulations to Local Section Chair Mary Lynch on becoming an AIChE Fellow

Mary Lynch AIChE Fellow

Mary K. Lynch (center on above photo) received her AIChE Fellow Certificate at the Orlando AIChE National Meeting in October 2018. She is a Senior Engineer and a Senior Instructor for Con Edison, where she has worked since 1985. Mary is an expert in boiler water and cooling water chemistry and in tribology (the study of lubricants and wear metals).

Also pictured are
Christine B. Seymour (left), 2018 AIChE President. Christine is an Associate Research Fellow in Global Chemistry and Manufacturing Controls (CMC) at Pfizer Inc; and, Dr. Syamal Poddar (right), who is the Founder & President of the consulting company, Poddar & Associates. Dr. Poddar is a Fellow of the AIChE, as well, and has been elected a member of the Fellows Council three years ago and is currently the Chair of the Council.

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